January 17, 2018


Helen Turier, author of four books on resilience and the creator of The BOUNCE Model

My name is Helen Turier, author of Bounce-back Ability and three other books. I’m also the creator of The B.O.U.N.C.E. Model of Resilience – welcome to my website!

With over 28 years experience  as a nurse and therapist working in healthcare and wellbeing I’ve helped a wide range of business people to transform their wellbeing by learning to manage their stress and develop their resilience.

I focus on working with business women, especially those who understand the importance of having energy, vitality and resilience both for themselves and their business.

For example I recently worked with Kim, a Finance Director who was struggling with a number of issues. She got ill every time she took time off work for a holiday and at Christmas. This upset and annoyed her as she really wanted to enjoy this precious time she had with her family. Kim is one of those people who is always on the go, juggling the many conflicting demands of working life and home life. As a result Kim found that she wasn’t sleeping properly despite the fact that she was tired all the time. It was like she just couldn’t switch off. As a result she was starting to feel overwhelmed, and this meant she had lost some of her confidence and her decision making ability was also compromised. This meant her performance at both work and home was suffering.

After working with me for just 2 sessions – using my B.O.U.N.C.E. Model of Resilience – she said the difference in her confidence, energy and performance was so startling that her business partners commented on it.

If, like Kim, you would like to transform your performance and create ultimate wellbeing for yourself then take the first step by downloading a complimentary copy of my ebook, Do You Always Catch a Cold on Holiday or at Christmas?

You’ll discover how your lifestyle could be killing you!






Helen featured in Southwater Life 2012