January 17, 2018

About Helen

My name is Helen Turier. If you are reading this it’s probably because you are a hard working women in business, an entrepreneur or business owner who is interested in achieving and maintaining peak performance especially during challenging times. Before we get to how I can help you create ultimate wellbeing I’d like to share with you some of the life experiences that have led me to believe that our wellbeing and health is the true holy grail of having it all.

Helen in Army

My professional career started 28 years ago when I left home to join the army and trained as a nurse. I applied to the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps because I wanted to not only serve my country but also learn about excellence, team work and striving for success. Being in the army was brilliant it taught me self discipline, self control, team spirit and leadership skills which have been the strong foundations on which I have built my life.

photo4One of the strengths that soon became clear was that as well as having great leadership skills I had a talent for educating people about their health and wellbeing. This passion for leading, educating and developing people has been at the core throughout my career.

They say that life is a rollercoaster and we all have at least three significant life changing events on that rollercoaster that help shape us and help us to grow to our true potential.

My first life changing event on the rollercoaster came a number of years after I had left the army.

I was by then living in a small but nice house, working part time as a staff nurse at a local hospital, married, and a mother to 3 amazing kids. As rosy as this picture is behind closed doors we were dealing with the fact my husband was battling alcoholism. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a loved one who is locked into the addiction cycle will know and understand how tough it is on all concerned. My husband left when the twins were just 9 months old leaving me with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a pile of problems. Sadly I had no choice but to sell the house, move into a rented house and give up work. Childcare costs when you have 3 children under 3 years old and you work shifts far exceeded what I could earn even with help from family. Life on benefits, contrary to popular belief is not easy and certainly wasn’t an easy choice. I made a deal with myself that this was for an interim period only and that by the time the twins started school I would have myself off benefits. At that time I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this but I knew that I needed to think differently and stretch myself.

So I signed up for evening classes on computing skills and started to look for part time work where I could use my nursing skills and my newly acquired computing skills. By the time the twins were 18 months old I had part time work as a nurse advisor for an insurance company. This gave me office hours and with family support I was able to juggle the childcare costs and although I still needed to claim some benefits I was on the road back.

They say attitude is everything and I certainly believe this. It shapes your thoughts and the actions you take and I know my attitude was one of a survivor.

Getting into part time work again was brilliant it helped my strengthen my self belief, improved my family life as although I was no better off financially I was so much better mentally and that helped my kids too. By the time the twins were 4 years old I was offered the job of training manager for AXA Assistance UK for the rollout of the Clinical Decision Support System for NHS Direct. This full time position meant that I was finally off benefits. Now I was only £10 a week better off than when I was on benefits but that £10 grew as I was promoted further and earned bonuses. Within 2 years I had been head hunted to become the Managing Director of a software support company, MDS Ltd and also as a director of a sister company, CAS Services in 2002.

And that was life changing moment number two.

I had gone from benefits to the board room in under 5 years! Wow that was a huge personal growth curve.I am proud to say that with the owner of the company I built MDS to be a company of 25 talented, hardworking people within 2 years . I created a business and a culture that people really wanted to be part of where they felt valued, supported and empowered. In this environment they were able to thrive not just survive, where their wellbeing was as important as their productivity.  CAS Services also grew to over 100 staff and with contracts being renewed and new contracts won to create a turnover of over £23 million in our best year. It was a challenging time personally and professionally.

Helen AuthorThere is no “having it all”, choices had to be made and sometimes those were difficult. Yes, I was that Mum who skidded into the school nativity play just seconds before the curtain went up, having driven straight from the airport after stepping off a flight from the USA. Every working parent recognises its a juggling act, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get it wrong but what you must do is keep believing in yourself and keep learning. In those years I achieved great career highs for myself and my teams, I had some horrid scary moments as I was challenged out of my comfort zone and, also some really tragic times when friends and family lost their life through illness and accidents. All of which took a toll on my health and wellbeing.

The reality was that although I ate really healthily and exercised regularly I still suffered health problems as a result of the way I was leading my life.

Life changing event number three came when I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder.

My consultant told me that I would have it for life and that drugs would not help. I needed to change my diet and manage my stress. If I did not then long term I ran the risk of developing serious long term health problems. Of course as a nurse I knew far more than the average person about those risks and it was a scary and sobering thought. However in asking me to lower my stress levels at a time when I was in the process of helping the owner of the companies sell them, it would have been easier if the consultant had asked my to organise a flight to the moon. I could have handled that far more easily!

I decided that I needed to understand more about stress and wellbeing from a more integrative approach than my more traditional nursing and medical model of healthcare.

Helen Turier ReflexologistI made it my mission to learn about stress, to understand it and to implement changes into my life so that I could complete the sale of the companies and get my health back on track.

One of the tools I used to manage my stress was reflexology. This therapy helped me to understand a true holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  Such is my passion for health and wellbeing that in 2005 after the companies had sold I decided to focus on helping others to learn how to manage stress, develop resilience and create ultimate wellbeing.

Since 2006 I have trained as a reflexologist, coach and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner.  I set up a practice working with clients to help them to manage their stress and to create greater wellbeing. The tools and strategies that I applied with clients to help them deal more effectively with the ups and downs and challenges of modern business life have transformed the wellbeing of my clients lives.

Helen Teaching BOUNCEIn 2012 I published my first book Bounce-back Ability: Developing Resilience on the Rollercoaster of Life. I received great 5* endorsements about the book that you can read on Amazon. In the past 12 months alone, I ran a series of successful workshops for businesses developed from the book called Managing Pressure and Change Effectively using the B.O.U.N.C.E. Model of Resilience. Now I am regularly asked to speak on managing stress and developing resilience at networking and business events, and run lunchtime learning sessions for businesses.

Do you think I could help you or someone you know who would like to have ultimate wellbeing? If so, please download a free copy of my ebook:

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