January 17, 2018

Bite-Sized Learning -Beat Stress Today

Just One Hour – For Everyone – Apprentice to CEO!

“Did You Know That Stress is the Number One Reason for Long-Term Workplace Absence?”

“Did you know that stress is costing UK businesses £1,035 per year, per employee?”

Helen & Books I regularly speak and train groups on personal leadership, goal achievement, stress management and resilience. I’m an award-winning speaker, trainer and author with over 30 years’ experience in people-development and training within the field of healthcare, technology and education. Having worked at both senior management and board level, I know how to motivate and inspire teams to achieve results in a challenging environment.


This presentation is designed to give an insight and understanding into how accumulative stress affects our wellbeing and performance both at home and work.

Why must you tackle workplace stress?

Stress is now recognised as a major problem affecting many people and is THE number one reason for absence from work in the United Kingdom.

How does stress affect business?

  • Stress damages staff morale
  • Stress increases internal conflicts,
  • Stress damages staff retention,
  • Stress harms productivity
  • Stress increases customer dissatisfaction rates
  • Stress reduces profits and causes your business to lose money.

It is also linked to the rise in long term chronic illness like depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  35% of all work related sickness is due to stress. Did you know that 13.5 million working days are lost every year due to stress?

Know Your Obligations

Under current law you as a business owner or business leader have a duty to:

A) Assess whether work activities cause stress-related ill health

B) You must take measures to control that risk.

What happens if you don’t comply?

There are penalties for companies not taking these duties seriously. Non-compliance can carry up to a two year jail sentence for responsible managers and an unlimited fine for the company.

 What help is available?

The Health and Safety Executive has guidelines to help employers. It sets out a structure for employers to risk assess for stress and how to tackle any problems identified.  This can be done by firstly understanding the impact of stress on your company. Auditing how stress affects your company by looking at exit interviews, absences levels, staff turnover, employees satisfaction survey, and feedback from 360 appraisals all help with this. You can of course contact the HSE or call us for a consultation. Secondly you need to have a policy that complies with the HSE guidelines.Thirdly, provide an employee assistance programme to ensure your employees have access to support. And most important of all you must  educate staff. they need to recognise when they are stressed and have stress management techniques to help them cope with day to day stress more effectively.

Bite Sized Learning Sessions start the process of informing and educating staff .

In just one hour, within the comfort of your own premises, your whole company can gain an insight into the causes and dangers of everyday stress.

  • Learn how the stress response works.
  • Understand the accumulative effect of stress on our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Learn how to read the signs of stress in your own body
  • Learn 3 Simple Solutions to manage stress more effectively that can be implemented immediately at now extra cost to you or your business.

This is an essential event for ANY business; especially those who have been, or are going, through a recently phase of dramatic change or restructuring. Maybe you’ve relocated, or even had to downsize and lay people off. Perhaps you’ve just received a large contract that will push you to the very limit. Whatever your particular challenge – your company now needs everyone to up their game and pull together to survive.

We’re all frazzled; suffering from the everyday pressures of coping with these all-too-frequent changes. That’s why I’ve designed this low cost one-hour ‘bite-sized’ learning event to be easily digestible at £249 per group. Group size can be from 2 up to 100. For larger groups call us to discuss your business requirements.

“Did you know that stress is costing UK businesses £1,035 per year, per employee?”

Still not sure whether you or your organisation are affected by stress?

Take this simple test and find out if you are on elf the 1 in 5 affected by stress. Then check with your staff how many of them are in the 1 in 5?

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If you, or your organisation, are interested in discovering more, then please download details of this ONE-HOUR BITE-SIZED LEARNING EVENT, or contact me now to discuss your requirements.

You can book your Bite Sized Learning Session right now, just click on the buy now button and make a difference now to your staff and your business.




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