November 22, 2017

What is the single biggest risk to your business?



HiResHere is a question for all owner managers, entrepreneurs and business owners to ask themselves.

What is the single biggest risk to your business?

Is it the economy?

Is it reliance on one single big contract?

Is it reliance on digital technology?


All of these are indeed significant risks to your business but the single biggest of all is yourself.

Entrepreneurs are optimists and are risk takers, which is what makes them successful. This strength can however cloud your vision and be your weakest link too.

It never ceases to amaze me at the number of business owners who put business before everything else including their own wellbeing and they are then incredulous when their health suffers.

There is no doubt at all that these days running a business is very much a 24/7 365 day activity and modern technology allows us to do this from every possible location. I’ve personally held conference calls with clients whilst sailing across the Atlantic ocean, driving cattle in Wyoming and in the car park outside my kids school to name but a few of the crazy locations that my smart phone has allowed me to access clients from. I also know I’m not alone in this as I see and hear businessmen and women doing this all around me.

Add in the additional factor of interacting with businesses across the globe where you are working across many different time zones and it is easy to see how your working day has stretched from a tradition al 9-5 to more like 7-11.

As the business owner and in many cases as a solo entrepreneur you are the lynch pin that holds the business together. If you allow that lynch pin to wear out and perish then the whole lot may well fall apart.

A good question to ask yourself is can my business continue to bring me income without me? Certainly this is one of the areas that must be considered when risk assessing your business.

Why am I raising this question?

Statistically there is a lot of evidence to support my theory that you are your businesses biggest risk.

All this 24/7 lifestyle takes its toll on the human body and it is no surprise that stress is now a factor in 80% of visits to doctor’s surgeries across the globe.

In fact the statistics are scary indeed

  • 1 in 3 of you will get cancer
  • 1 in 6 will suffer from depression
  • 1 in 5 people are likely to die from a stroke
  • Heart disease now kills more women than men every year.
  • Many business people who are aged over 30 years are likely to be working fulltime well into their 60’s and even 70’s. Yet they are also likely to be living with more chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease or cancer at the same time.

And the common denominator in all of these statistics is stress and the impact it can have on health and the health of your business.

In my work as a resilience and wellbeing expert, with 28 years experience behind me I see evidence every day that confirms to me the need to spread the message and to help people to understand stress better, to help them develop their resilience, which is the key strategy that will protect them and their business.

You see your body is wonderful and technically brilliant in that it is designed to heal itself from the negative effects of stress when given the right conditions. In modern business life however the conditions are far from ideal, so it is vital to learn simple effective changes can be made to develop your resilience so you can protect yourself, your health and ultimately your business too.


My mission is to raise awareness and empower business leaders to develop their resilience.

You see for me it’s very clear and very simple.

I know and understand that as a lone parent and entrepreneur I am the lynch pin that holds my world together. If I allow that pin to wear out and perish then the whole lot will fall apart.

So I see it as a ‘duty of care’ that I have to my clients, my business, my family and myself to ensure I manage my health and my energy appropriately.

As a result of this I  invest regularly in coaching  and training to support my personal and business development.  I use high quality supplements to support my digestive system, I eat organic produce where ever and when ever possible, I use the minimum amount of chemicals possible in my home, I have regular chiropractic, reflexology and sports massage treatments and everyday I practice what I preach and take time out to exercise and also to unwind and de-stress .

My final questions to you are…..

How much do you invest in yourself and your wellbeing?

And now you know how critical it is to ensure you the lynch pin is strong and resilient………

When are you going to increase that investment by  prioritising yourself and your resilience?