November 22, 2017

Top Tips to boost your mood and your energy this November





I don’t know about you but I find November a tough month and need to give myself a bit of a mood boost.The nights here in the UK are drawing in fast.  And theses longer darker days can mean many peoples moods drop and they find it hard to get their energy levels up. It affects us in so many ways. I now have to shift my dog walking routine in order to be able to walk in day light, or else dress myself and the dog up light a fluorescent Christmas tree! We are quite the sight to behold in our matching fluorescent jackets and head lamps!!  A few clients have also mentioned that they find their mood dips at this time of the years. So I thought i’d give you my 10 top tips to boost your moods, reduce your anxiety and support your immune system. And make  coping with November easier this year.

So here they are for you.

1. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables. It really helps boost up your immune system and also if you make soups it warms you up too. Today I made spinach and cream cheese soup for lunch and it hit the spot nicely.

2. Keep up with the water intake. As the days grow colder many  people reduce their water intake just because they are no longer hot. Wrong!! Keep drinking about 6-8 glasses a day. Remember thirst is a scream from your body so you should not get thirsty. If water just isn’t rocking your world then try herbal or fruit teas or solostic energy to increase your fluid intake.
You’ll know you’re drinking enough if your urine is a pale mellow yellow colour (champagne like)

3. Stock up on Vitamin D.
We get less naturally during the winter months
( I use this one

4. Get out and about everyday in the fresh air even if its only 15 minutes walk at lunch time. Your body was designed to move. This movement helps reduce feels of depression and anxiety, boosting your mood. It also helps stimulate your immune system which also needs our body moving to function effectively. And in winter we tend to move less, spend more time in enclosed space in closer contact with other people with coughs and colds. So by all means snuggle up on the sofa but only after you’ve had a walk outside each day.

5. Wash your hands. As cough & cold season spreads the best defence is good hand hygiene. So take time to wash them thoroughly.Anti-bac sprays and jels have their place but nothing beats soap and water and a good technique.
Trust me i’m an ex-nurse and I know what a difference it makes to stopping the spread of germs. If you are falling ill with every cough and cold going round then you need to give your immune system some serious support as its clearly finding life tough. Likewise if a cold or a cough is hanging around. Ask a healthcare professional for advice.

6. Up your laughter levels to boost your feel good hormones.

7. Up your hugs for the same reason. Not only will it bring a smile to  your face it will boost your immune system too.

8. Its easy to moan and groan when the weather is grim but all it does is make you feel in a worse mood  so instead update your gratitude diary and remember it’s the little things that add up to make the difference.

9. Learn something new. It gives the old grey matter in the brain a boost I’m currently learning to find my way round google+ and pinterest. So if you are on those do check me out
(I think this is my profile
(I think this is my page)

10. FInally to give you all a boost I’ve been creating 50 Top Tips to boost your resilience and you can find those on my facbeook page
And also on twitter


So hopefully you now have some strategies to give your self a boost of B.O.U.N.C.E. this November

Let me know how you get on & don’t forget to spread the word so we can get everyone bouncing!!


Warmest wishes for you ultimate wellbeing



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